My Journey to "Crest Lane"... by John Bermudez

"My goal is not to be famous. My goal is to enlighten humanity, the good, the bad, the ugly, the vile and disgusting... To follow the unpopular path down the rabbit hole, to dig deep and explore my entire soul. Then and only then, to dive in head first unafraid, unapologetic and allow the world to experience me for who I am, imperfect and humanly flawed.... A true ARTIST"
-    John Bermudez

That was written by me in 2013 on my cell phone during a walk home from my 1st year in acting school, in the frigid cold of NYC with tears in my eyes. When people ask me why I became an actor I wish I could just carry this on a card, and hand it to them. As an artist so much is out of our control, but in the hands of other decision makers. One day I received a call from one of these decision makers that they were casting for a new web series and the self-tape was due 4th of July weekend. After getting excited that someone, anyone, liked my "look", my second thought was WTF, don't they realize it's a holiday weekend. Well I crafted and prepared this ruthless character the best way I could. After self-tapping with a reader, (who shall remain nameless), she cried during and after the audition; and wouldn't talk to me the entire day. This was even after explaining I was just bringing a character to life. Well, that was the birth of Eric Adams and my first professional job as an actor fresh out of my two year conservatory. I would find out later that Deirdre and Cassia hated him so much they knew right away that I WAS ERIC. It was also cool to find out it was an ALL woman owned Production Company, yet I had to be a misogynist, I know right?  My thoughts exactly. True to form as I filmed I got stares, comments and the sucking of teeth as they mentioned, more than once, that they hated me. Sound familiar?  Playing the villain is my favorite, and doing it with such talented people was a pleasure. In the blink of an eye we filmed my three episodes and back to NYC I went. Who knew it would be well received on the festival circuit and wait for it.... EVERYONE hated my character, I know SHOCKING. It was a dream come true and here we are a year later filming Season 2. Thankfully, Eric has an expanded role, but I'm sure people will hate him more. So, cheers to the beautiful ladies of Purple Shamrock Media for your courage, vision, amazing casting choices and most importantly for you giving me my first job. Season 2 is going to be amazing so stay tuned cause I'm sure you will want to "hate" Eric yet again.... Let's get it.  


John Bermudez